Registration and enrolling

Registration to all groups and teams is possible in Jäsentieto programme is used by almost all gymnastics clubs in Finland. Remember to check that you've selected Tapanilan Erän Voimistelujaosto. Choose English as your language by clicking the language selection next to the Finnish flag at the bottom right corner of the page.

Instructions for registration:

  1. First register as a user. A parent must register first. All children can be added under the parent's account. After registration a password is created.
  2. Login using the new password and either an email address or full name
  3. Add other family members in "Own info"
  4. Sign up for courses and teams in "Enrolling"
  5. Invoices are created automatically after enrolling

In Jäsentieto you can

  • Enroll 
  • Check your family's invoices
  • Buy licenses 
  • Update your contact information

If you face any problems concerning registration or enrolling, please contact or 0408498207.

Photo: Tiia-Tuulia Järvinen