Courses and teams

Tapanilan Erä Gymnastics offers a varied array of entry level gymnastics. Children can start in Satuvoimistelu, Voimistelukoulu, aesthetic group gymnastics or Freegym. For adults we offer FlowGymnastics and aesthetic group gymnastics. 

It is possible to try two times before making a choice about continuing. A gymnast who participates three times is viable to commit to the rest of the season. Those who begin in the middle of the season pay for the rest of the season's practices according to the number of remaining weeks. For instance a gymnast who begins halfway through the season pays for half of the entire season's price.

If a gymnast is absent for three consecutive times unannounced they will lose their place in the group. Their place will be given to possible new participants or gymnasts queuing for the spot.

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Photos: Tiia-Tuulia Järvinen