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Who are we?

Tapanilan Erä Voimistelujaosto (Gymnastics Club of Tapanilan Erä) is a talented and successful gymnastics club situated in Northern Helsinki. Gymnastics has been part of the Erä pedigree since its conception in the 1930s. The club works as a subdivision of Tapanilan Erä and is a member of Finnish Gymnastics Federation.

Tapanilan Erä offers both entry-level gymnastics and the possibility to achieve success on international platforms with Elite Helsinki. Our vision is to be the most desirable gymnastics club in the Helsinki region and provide quality training opportunities for everyone.

What's in it for you?

Gymnastics is a sport that combines athleticism with art. It is a discipline that involves the whole body.

Aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG) is an art form in itself as choreographies form seamless combinations of movement and music. For more information on aesthetic group gymnastics visit the official IFAGG website

In addition to AGG Tapanilan Erä Gymnastics offers Voimistelukoulu (Gymnastics School), Rytminen voimistelu (Rhythmic gymnastics), FreeGym and Tanssillinen voimistelu (FlowGymnastics). Group descriptions and timetables can be found here.

No preliminary experience is required! 


For all questions please contact / 0408498207.

Tapanilan Erä Voimistelujaosto does not have its own office. 
Mailing address is Tapanilan Erä ry Voimistelujaosto, Erätie 3, 00730 Helsinki. 

Kuva: Petri Vilhunen